Describe In Three Words

Three words to describe
some event in my life
be it moments of happiness
or moments of strife

Fear, Anxiety, Panic
My most dominant three
They make up so many firsts
throughout my memory

Joy would be there sometimes
accompanied by friends
or solitude and TV shows
no relationships or trends

See my feelings are erratic
at least the good ones are
there are no three words describing
every smile from afar
or every human interaction
that I hold in high esteem
I need more words for explanations
of exactly what I mean
when I say that I was happy
it is more than just content
it’s an overwhelming feeling
almost like it’s heaven sent.

~ Andrew
I’m a sucker for emotions, I cling on to the happier moments in life because as someone who gets stuck in pits of negativity it’s hard to know when the next burst of happiness will come. My 15th poem of NaPoWriMo


2 responses to “Describe In Three Words

  1. Very intuitive poem Andrew…you know yourself well.
    If I was to say what 3 words describe my feelings they would be love (of Siddhartha Henry); frustration (of Life’s crappy moments) & anxiety (as I suffer from PTSD & tend to become anxious easily).
    Sherri-Ellen ( feeling love at the moment PSH is sleeping, hahaha….)


  2. My world is a mix of happiness, sadness and anxiety. Strange how 3 emotions including polar opposites can exist together. We all cling to joy and love but it is the letting go of hate and despair that truly frees us from our pasts.


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