With vacant eyes
I stare at you
an empty glance
is nothing new.
I’ve been this way
for far too long
and still they say
there’s nothing wrong.
I’m not okay,
my body, weak,
this anaesthetic
that I seek.
To make me numb.
This vacant stare.
While everyone,
is unaware.

~ Andrew
Today is Mental Health Awareness day, I’ve not been keeping up with every major day that I intended to (I wasn’t able to come up with anything for National Poetry Day for example) but Mental Health is a sensitive issue which I feel quite strongly about so I wanted to produce something to raise even a little bit of awareness
If you wish to know more I have provided a link to the Mental Health Foundation website (UK): HERE
To donate £3 to the above cause text THRIVE to 70300 (UK only, Terms HERE)
If you or someone you know is suffering please direct them to a helpline or to anyone who may be able to help. Here are a few links to get you started
Samaritans – Email: jo@samaritans.org
7CupsOfTea: 7cups
There are many more resources available around the world and I really do hope anyone who is suffering does not feel like they cannot speak to anyone about it.


2 responses to “Unaware

  1. Oh Andrew what a sad & touching poem! I’ve had issues with Clinical Depression since I was 15 so KNOW about Psyche Docs saying there was ‘nothing wrong’!!
    No one discussed Trauma with me since the near fatal assault I went thru’ in 2006. Since THIS May I’ve been in Trauma Counselling & finally sorting out issues!
    Thank you for openess & attention to a very sensitive issue.
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen 🙂


  2. The mind needs support, people to raise you up and give you strength. Sometimes people are blind to those that are close to them because they only see what they want to see and never what is really there. Too many people don’t get the help or encouragement because of the Man Up, Man or Mouse type statements that don’t help anyone. I was bullied as a kid and it haunted me for a while. I am in a good place now but that is only because I have become comfortable with who I am. I wish more people were given the support to become the person they could be,


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