Pull The Plug

Can’t post that,
Backspace, close.
Thoughts and fears
and worry grows.
In that moment
the text box, cleared
and all that work
has disappeared.

Is this too dumb?
Does no one care?
Is this one thing
too much to share?
I’m shaking now,
I need a hug.
Can’t hate me if I
pull the plug.

~ Andrew
I get a lot of anxiety when posting things online, especially with anything that feels like it comes from me and not the person I am trying to be. My poems are probably the most open ‘me’ that I show online and even they keep who I am mostly a secret. I’ve written something very personal and eventually I will share it but I keep pushing it back and avoiding it.


4 responses to “Pull The Plug

  1. Let me say firstly that I LOVE your poetry! You are talented & so aware of life & emotions Andrew. You remind me of me at a far younger age…….(eons ago…)
    Now to the title of your poem…’Pull the Plug’ means quite a few things…I sincerely hope that you will continue to write & do go forward in your life. Be who you are meant to be. You are a wonderful young man & if people shun you; it’s their loss. I think you are utterly BRILLIANT!!!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen ❤

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    • I’m not very good at understanding my emotions in the moment, it often comes after a few days of mulling over what I should have said or done.
      I appreciate the kind words though. Until I see the reaction to things I do so I try to gauge the reaction by going to websites like Reddit and seeing the reaction on there (as an anonymous stranger)

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      • One thing I use when writing poetry or a short story is that I write it for myself. I know that sounds selfish but it isn’t. Once I’ve written the piece & done any editing I can put it ‘out there’. for me any positive input of relating to what I wrote is a bonus….
        Even if I did know you I would still admire your poetry…..you are seriously talented.
        (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen


  2. We all hide who we are until we reach a point where we accept ourselves. Really you can be who you want online but life challenges who and what you are. Perception can be mixed up as people see you in a way that you don’t recognise yourself. Be who you want and let people either accept you or not, you will feel better for it.


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