Fighting Fiction

I am not a violent person
but an anger dwells within,
as I watch a world of fiction
I am starting to give in.

I am angry at injustice
for a world I do not know.
I want them to get angry
feel their hurt and let it go.

I would scream at all the problems,
I would fight them in the ring,
and battle ’til my body buckles
I swing and swing and swing.

~ Andrew
I often get angry at fiction. Not in a bad way, the sort of sympathetic anger at the wrongs of the world that are often remedied by the end of a season.


5 responses to “Fighting Fiction

  1. Anger dwells where favourite characters die too soon. The doctor in Discovery or Ned in GoT we engage and feel for so the death becomes much more pronounced. Nicely put into words.


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