Put On A Smile

I can’t put on a smile,
I couldn’t find my size,
I’ve told all of my friends,
but there is no compromise.

They say that it’s essential,
it’s like socks and pants they said,
you’ve got to wear a smile,
Like a sandwich wears its bread.
You cannot live without one,
else you’ll shrivel up and die,
the phrase itself ‘to put it on’
suggests that that’s a lie.

I could get a budget smile,
something fake to masquerade,
like a cheap perfume, which fills the room,
the novelty will fade.
A smile worn as cover,
covers nothing but your face,
there’s nothing like euphoria
to fill that empty space

True joy is found, through what you do,
regardless of appearance,
be honest with the ones you love
stop social interference.

They stitch you back together,
when you’ve fallen and you’re down,
don’t force a smile if all the while,
you’re holding back your frown.

~ Andrew
A redraft of a poem from a long time ago, I’m going to be going through and editing the poems I wrote years ago and posting the rewritten versions on Sundays – although not every Sunday, just as often as I redraft (Something scheduled, I haven’t done that for a few years now). The changes are very small but they feel like improvements to me and that’s ultimately what a redrafted poem should feel like.


One response to “Put On A Smile

  1. Exactly Andrew! Editing is like fine tuning a car!! This poem is awesome. It reflects how ‘we’ as a whole are expected to act. And some days, smiling is just not an option. Being true to ourselves should be #1 priority. You really nailed down something I’ve been thinking about for years!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen 🙂


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