I stare at these numbers
these bars and these lines
and I see validation.

There is solace behind stats
and that’s enough for my mind,
my thoughts settled by a graph.

You would laugh in my face
if you knew this obsession
So I regress
Into hatred,
I feel I’m worth less
than an expression of facts.

~ Andrew
Every year we hear more about the influence of people online, reach thousands with a single picture on Instagram or a single video on YouTube. I don’t feel deserving of support and yet post after post I feel the warmth of strangers who read my work


3 responses to “Graph

  1. I agree with what Malfurion wrote! And I like your poem as it expresses how our modern world is all about numbers & stats. But nothing can replace good old fashioned respect, admiration & empathy.
    You have my total respect & admiration & empathy Andrew!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen 🙂

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  2. None of us are deserving except by dint of effort. Validation not from likes but from a single beating heart can heal the worst injury we just reach from within to those who would offer solace.

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