I wish my mind
would put the disco
back into disconnect
because if there is a party in my mind
then I obviously wasn’t invited

When my mind switches
from me to empty
I am forced to live on the surface
one heavy breeze away
from being blown off my own body

but I do not own my body.

There is a cable,
some form of connection
probably USB
and the wires are faulty
hear that tone as my brain picks me up
and I regain control of the system.

I don’t like being turned off
because I take a while to boot up
and there aren’t a lot of hours in the day
and there are too many reasons
to lay in bed.

I live as a program
but I don’t run as expected
just an empty shell,
on auto pilot
mind and body disconnected.

~ Andrew
Not a lot to say here, my mind is a little bit faulty and some days it just feels like I wasn’t even there.


3 responses to “Disconnected

  1. I am reading a book called “The Burning” by Sue Walker (Scottish mystery)….I read ALOT of British, Scottish, Irish mysteries & crime dramas to take my mind off my thoughts….total escapism!
    “Secrets For The Mad” sounds VERY interesting! I should find a copy & give it a go!!!
    I’m sorry you are having trouble sleeping Andrew…..I have to take a sleep med to avoid the ‘Monkey Mind’ taking over at bedtime…..
    I do the same thing: thinking about all the things I haven’t done….I get more upset about the constant thinking rather than the not doing if that makes sense to you???


  2. Oh Andrew you have those kind of days also?? I guess I only thought ‘older’ people (like me) had those days. Your poem is wonderful an even a bit unsettling…..
    Maybe Uni has burned you out a bit??
    What you wrote about the ‘disco’ & not being invited resonated with me……I have ‘monkey mind’…..it is awful in late evening. Trying to read b4 bed & the brain suddenly ‘awakens’ & thoughts race along at about 130 MPH….I’m like WTF??? I do not want to think I tell my brain but it pays no attention…..
    I say we go on vacation somewhere warm & sunny! Oh wait do we have to take our minds with us?
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen 😉

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    • My mind is a complicated mess of thoughts and moments and everything else all at once, it’s hard not to leave my head from time to time.
      Sleeping has been difficult though, my mind takes over and I lay there with years of thoughts of things I never did
      I’ve not been much of a reader although I have been reading Secrets For The Mad (a book by someone I admire for being so much more open and true to who they are)
      What have you been reading?

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