Dear Confidence

Dear Confidence,

I started writing this letter,
to make myself feel better,
because we had a falling out.
You see I still doubt myself,
when I’m awake and when I dream
and when I’m low on self esteem
because you’re not about.

If by now you do not know,
then I will give you the directions,
to build bridges when you’re broken,
as my token of affection.

I do not ask in return,
for you to stay by my side,
I don’t expect you to regret it,
I didn’t think you’d decide,
that a gift from the heart,
Would be enough to break the ties,
I was mistaken from the start,
you were nothing, without lies.

I do not know quite how to end this,

yours sincerely,
Forgotten Friend
P.s I’m just a problem,
I’m a crack they cannot mend.

~ Andrew
This poem saddens me a little, because I’m not certain who I wrote it about. This is the second redrafted poem this year as I work through to improve them whilst looking to choose my favourite poems overall for a future page on the blog. If you remember a poem of mine that you particularly enjoyed please do let me know what it was.


3 responses to “Dear Confidence

  1. “The Art of Being Alone” & “A Valentine Unsent’ are 2 of my faves of your poems Andrew….it is hard to choose as they all are amazing.
    And “Dear Confidence” is bloody brilliant!
    You are so talented…you paint pictures with words…..
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

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    • Thank you, I’ve been a heavy critic of my work and as I mentioned in Graph, the measure of success for me was not how satisfied I was with it, but how many likes it got.. It’s a difficult mindset to break. I’ll be reviewing all the poems I consider to make any minor changes they need with the intention of making them final polished pieces

      Liked by 1 person

      • You always inspire me Andrew…you share so openly with your poems & I relate to so many of them.
        You must be an ‘old soul’ because what you write touches me so deeply. And we are always our own toughest critics 😉


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