About Me

Hey everyone,
my name, as you may have guessed, is Andrew. I don’t mind the name Andy but let’s be honest, it’s not saving any breath to choose one over the other.
If you’re here I can only assume you like poetry, or I’ve copied the name of something trendy and given a poem that name, in which case, my bad.
Anyway, thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy your stay

Contact Me to request a poem:
I’ll try to respond to all requests but if I don’t think I can manage one (either lack of knowledge of the subject or too much work) I’ll be sure to at least inform you and perhaps get round to it at a later date

Please feel free to read all my poems. Also if you wish to use them on your own website or as material for a lesson/assembly or whatever other reason you may have to copy the poem off the blog, please do let me know and if possible pass on some feedback from the readers. Please also credit me for the poetry, I hope that’s not too much to ask considering I wrote them :p (Sarcasm over the internet never works, it’s sarcasm.. I swear, I’m not trying to sound like an a-hole). Just put a link to my blog somewhere and repeatedly say it until they all agree to visit πŸ˜€
Ramble over, have a nice day and thanks for reading πŸ™‚


14 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi, I went through few of your poems… just wanted to say they were so relatable, well at least for me- and in my opinion, for a poem to be relatable or to make a reader- feel-is a great feat- So, Thank You for sharing your poems…loved them

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    • You’ve got a lot of really nice photos and I’m curious to hear your thoughts, I looked back over December but if I go much further I feel your thoughts may have changed since then πŸ™‚
      The Poet Stands Alone was very relate-able and deep, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

      Liked by 1 person

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