About Me


My name is Andrew, although online I usually use Andy as it’s quicker to type and looks nicer in usernames. You can also find me on Wattpad under the same username

I’m a computer science graduate and I write poetry in my spare time. My other hobbies include watching and playing video games (Most recently Stardew Valley and Slay the Spire), playing tennis (when I make the effort to leave the house) and all things TV (Rom coms, Action, Comedy and Crime shows). I also love Japan, from watching anime to learning the language and everything in-between.

I started this blog about 5 years ago after presenting a poem of mine to my English teacher. She suggested I shared my work here and whilst I took a lot of my earlier poems down the result of sharing my work has been a boost to my confidence and I’d like to believe that my writing has improved too (although not everything I post here will be polished, this is very much a workbook for me)

As of 2018 I am planning to explore different pieces of writing although I have not yet decided whether I’ll be sharing any of that here. I also plan to be more active on my blog as you’ll notice I often go weeks or even months between posts sometimes.

That’s all from me, I hope you enjoy your stay.



16 responses to “About Me

    • Hey,
      Firstly, thanks for reading my poems, I’m glad you enjoyed them
      Feel free to use my username (AndyWritesPoems) or Andrew W, I’ve not published these under my full name so it would be odd to credit a name that isn’t associated with them, I hope that’s okay


  1. Hi, I went through few of your poems… just wanted to say they were so relatable, well at least for me- and in my opinion, for a poem to be relatable or to make a reader- feel-is a great feat- So, Thank You for sharing your poems…loved them

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    • You’ve got a lot of really nice photos and I’m curious to hear your thoughts, I looked back over December but if I go much further I feel your thoughts may have changed since then šŸ™‚
      The Poet Stands Alone was very relate-able and deep, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

      Liked by 1 person

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