Like notes to musicians,
cells help us compose,
biological matter
from our heads to our toes.
But wider, think bigger,
nine billion lives,
and all throughout time,
only one thing survives.

Humans we are, but once, we were not,
the dinosaurs ruled, now in soil they rot.
Dodos and donkeys and daffodils share
this common existence, we see cells everywhere.

But though cells live on,
they die just as fast,
with each generation,
as short as the last.

Mitosis, meiosis, all things we can measure,
we live out our lives with our eyes set on pleasure,
inside us, cells dying, under careful instruction,
they kill themselves by what we call ‘self-destruction.’

Although cells hold power
like words on a page
we can see ourselves as
a biological cage
the cells in our bodies
are trapped there for good
like an engine they drive us
from under the hood.

~ Andrew
Finished off something I started writing for a poetry competition a while ago. I didn’t finish it because my heart just wasn’t in it when it was for a competition. I knew if I were competing I wouldn’t be happy with it no matter what, but I am happy with it. Day 10 of NaPoWriMo

Take Action

The world
is depressed.

Lying in bed
still problems unaddressed.

I have woken up every day
this week
and the only change I see
is a couple of coins
scattered on my desk

I’ve stepped outside
every day
and even when clouds
fill the sky
it’s not sad, it’s just grey.

We associate sadness
with weather and whether
you like it or not
hatred still exists
still exist.

I can’t help but feel helpless
knowing somewhere out there
is someone who barely feels like living
because the world can be cruel
and the world is unforgiving

but that’s just because we broke it,
said see-saws were scales
and we didn’t see the inequality.
We were labelled pass or fail
and some people didn’t make the cut

until they did.

It’s not enough to say
we didn’t see it.

We turn a blind eye to the guy
who said he wanted to die
and until you try
you’re not worth their time

We put a measure on success
and if you’re not ticking boxes
like a checklist
you’re not good enough

I wish I could speak
to all the broken people
give them a minute of my time
because feeling pain is not a crime
and you should not feel guilty for it
let me repeat that
feeling pain is not a crime
and you should not feel guilty for it.

~ Andrew
Day 9 of NaPoWriMo. I seem to come back to the topic of bullies and depression a lot but I think it’s something that we should be talking about. We hear stories all the time but it’s always after the fact, it’s time to actually step in and stop the problem at the source


A Love To Die For

He looked at his watch
she was running behind
for the kill he was chasing
she was a nuisance to find

She came in high heels
sharp as can be
the kill she desired
was about six foot three

He was dressed to impress
with a suit and a tie
if he was the spider
then she was the fly

She wore a new necklace,
a gift from the last
he had tried to escape
but she had been too fast

He made his move
pushed her up to the wall

She wrapped her legs round him
as they stood in the hall

He saw her still smiling
he had made a mistake

She realised hers too
as her hands start to shake

He nodded and smiled

She slipped from his grip

They walked separate ways
as their wrists start to drip

~ Andrew
Little bit of a darker poem based on a prompt on reddit about two serial killers who kill their dates but are on a date with each other. Day 8 of NaPoWriMo I hope you enjoyed this weird little poem.


My mind
like a trampoline,
slipping through my hand
and onto the page

but obsessive
I doodle,
keeping my mind focused
on working
whilst my hand disobeys

scribbles of sense
mixed in
stirred into swirls
and strewn across sheets.

~ Andrew
Day 7 of NaPoWriMo. This one is a little bit different, far removed from my usual structural poems I wanted to explore my less attentive side, the one that gets distracted midway through a sentence and forgets to
I hope you enjoyed 🙂

I See A Coin

I see a coin.

A wish,
a fountain
I see a coin.

I see a coin.

and charity
I see a coin.

~ Andrew
A coin can be so much more. This one is inspired by the prompt from the NaPoWriMo website. By some crazy coincidence my post on the 2nd happens to fit their day 2 prompt.

Sell Yourself

Today we are vendors
we are selling ourselves
like some fake it make up
take it and break up product
that you’d pick up off the shelves

We write bios for attention
as we mention who we are
but the few who view our profile
very rarely get that far.

First they see us in our photos,
Photoshop don’t let me down.
I’m a 4 at best, far from well dressed
They say smile so I frown.

Today I am on sale,
reduced to clear and out of dates,
a first would start under the stars
and end at your front gate

but beyond that you need answers
why’s my favourite colour red?
Do I have a job or kids at home
what’s it like inside my head?

Am I safe from all diseases,
would you describe me as a catch?
We sell ourselves
and hope to spark
a light with every match.

~ Andrew
My 4th poem for NaPoWriMo, trying to push myself out of my comfort zone again, see what I can come up with

Rock Bottom and Beyond

I don’t wish to call it rock bottom
because one day I could find myself deeper.
What lies beyond could be darker,
A monster, a demon, the reaper?

~ Andrew
Just a little thought today for Day 4 of NaPoWriMo. Been ill for the past few days and it has really drained me. Fully intend to have something every day even if it’s just a simple thought