Broken Friend

Are you broken, friend?
Can we get you repaired?
I’ve got a bag full of chocolate
there’s no need to be scared.

Are you broken, friend?
I’ve got games we can play.
I’ve got music and speakers,
if we have nothing to say.

Are you broken, friend?
I’m not leaving your side.
I was here when it started
and I’m here for the ride

Are you broken, friend?
Alone, dark and cold.
I’ve got torches for light
and my body to hold
If you need someone there
I am here till the end
we’ll get through this together,
I can promise that, friend.

~ Andrew


The Art Of Being Alone

If I mastered the art
of being alone
I could pick up new skills
without being shown.
I could undertake projects
that require just one
I’d be proud when I finish
of the work that I’ve done.

If I mastered the art
of self-motivation
I’d achieve all my goals
and resist all temptation.
I would write every day,
get 8 hours of sleep
overcome any hurdle,
there’s no mountain too steep.

If I mastered the art
of accepting my place,
I could take off this mask
that I wear on my face.
I would show them my weakness
so they can see when I’m strong.
I could say without doubt
this is where I belong.

~ Andrew
Often I find myself contemplating what I’m doing with my life. University has me drained day after day and poetry is my escape. I’m going to be trying to at least write once a week and then build myself up to do creative writing as a more regular hobby.

No One’s Angel

Her wings are weathered,
worn away by years,
years of fighting agony
and holding back her tears

Her halo doesn’t shimmer,
it’s just there and nothing more,
everyone’s friend, nobody’s angel
a pain that she cannot ignore

~ Andrew
Another poem of loneliness, sorry, positive poems are much harder to write

Go It Alone

I swear,
you will not go it alone,
if you are broken,
pick up the phone,
and let’s talk.

If you’re trapped,
let’s walk,
and admire the view.
If you’re scared,
we can cuddle,
and forget what we knew.

You are not alone,
and you should never have to be,
trapped inside the dark,
compounded misery,

I pledge to stand beside you,
let’s overcome the stress,
you’re more than something,
less than nothing,
and not that kind of mess.

You’re just troubled in the worst way,
you’re just plagued by thoughts unseen,
but I’m here beside you,
all the way,
we’ll fight it as a team.

~ Andrew