My Mind’s Creation

Every night.
You. Me.
Be it stations or concerts
my mind is set free.
You put me through hell
give me nightmares and pain
but you’re just a creation
of my unconscious brain.

You have familiar faces
and familiar sounds,
with familiar smells
or familiar grounds.
You’re not quite the same
though you’ve tricked me before
I’ll wake up in a moment,
take control back once more.

~ Andrew
My 16th poem of NaPoWriMo. This one focused around my dreams, particularly the more immersive ones (that sometimes carry through into the first few moments after I’m awake – I can often lie down again, close my eyes and see what would have happened next


Indecent Exposure

Undress me with your eyes
leave my skin no place to hide
but wait until we’re home dear,
it’s┬ánot appropriate outside

My body is a temple
and my doors are often closed
but you unlock my secrets
and you leave me there, exposed

~ Andrew
Just a little idea I came up with whilst playing with words. Thought I’d share it, I hope you enjoyed