Mental Burden

Society has this stigma
That tells us to be quiet
We are confined to our own minds
and inside them we will riot

We will tear down the walls
till we fall to our knees,
and hope that somebody
will answer our pleas.

If we speak they call us liars,
if we act they seem surprised,
if we think and think and think again
our mind is paralysed.

We are locked inside a nightmare
with a monster called Despair.
No hope of finding peace of mind
Or somebody who cares.

Or someone who will listen,
like the pillow hears our cries.
Like the bed carries our burden
as our minds destabilize.

We are not what we believe
but we need a helping hand
we just need a friend to comfort
and a friend to understand.

We can tell them with our words
if they would only stop to hear
if society stopped silencing
perhaps we would not fear

speaking out when we are broken
giving voices to the weak
as we find the strength to be the ones
to fight for what we seek.

This may be our mental burden
but we must know we’re not alone
there are those who wish to help us
those who’ve fought it and have grown

We come face to face with demons,
all those who undermine us
but together we’re united,
we will not let them define us.

~ Andrew
I was inspired to write this after reading the awful responses to an online personality opening up about his struggle with depression. People told him he was seeking attention and it hurt to think that this is the treatment that anyone gets when they speak up about something like this.


Side Order of Sympathy

A sorrowful supper,
with a side of despair,
a bottle of tears,
to drown away care,

a table for one,
for the rest of the night,
I’ll dine in the corner,
by the flickering light.

I won’t be a nuisance,
In silence I’ll eat,
I promise I’ll leave,
feeling less incomplete,

I’d love some regret,
something bitter and coarse,
a desert dry meal,
in the absence of sauce,

as the sauce that once covered,
my plate of desire,
turned out I was smothered,
in the arms of a liar,

so give me a meal,
with an after-taste burning,
to rid me of heart ache,
to flush away yearning,

as I drown my emotion,
in a plate
of misery,
it’s harsh for the main
with a side of sympathy.

~ Andrew
Something irregular and weird, I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked the references to food you may also like Vending Machine or Food for Thought.

It Doesn’t Add Up

I could count up my friends on my fingers,
I could count my success on my thumbs,

I could count self esteem without doing a thing,
I could count my despair as it comes.

I’ll equate my emotions, all totalling why?
Why did this happen to me?

I’m broken apart and a little divided,
decided I couldn’t be free.

The remainder of me, contains memories,
of the pain that I still remember

The hurt in my head makes me better off dead,
but I know I can never surrender.

My inner demons multiply,
my angels voice a cry

as reason fades my mind persuades
my soul to say good-bye.

~ Andrew
I think this went up on my facebook account but I want all my poetry to be available via my blog so here it is 🙂 Full of maths puns and stuff. I also wrote A Poem About Nothing which is another deep insightful poem though with a lighter tone, this one ends rather shockingly and abruptly. I was going to write a poem today but I discarded about 20 different poems so I needed to pass the time with a previously unseen poem for the blog, sorry! 🙂 Have a great day and thank you for reading