Aiming high,
a personal best.
A challenge you set
a personal test.

Self expectation,
Focus, dedication
Targets and tasks
a resolute demonstration

An astronaut might
truly aim for the stars,
set a relative goal
no more raising of bars

Self emulation,
to better yourself
can be good for your work
but not for your health

Not everything written
or spoken
or heard
can be seen as your best
because that is absurd

A target is simply a goal
that you set
Not an absolute best
not as good as you get.

~ Andrew
Not everything has to be better than the last thing you did. I’ve come to realise this. Some of my poems I compare to poems I wrote in the past and think ‘this one isn’t as good as that one’ and it’s an unhealthy mentality to have but also a difficult one to break. My 14th poem for NaPoWriMo


Exponential Expectation

Bigger may be better,
but we need even bigger still,
we won’t stop wanting mountains
when all we need are hills.

As far as size applies
we’ll keep demanding something more,
but one day realize
there’s so much we can’t ignore

You’ll pile up a debt
that exceeds an explanation,
exponential expectations
lead to major complications

Square root your standards
take the log of your predictions
we minimize, it’s multiplies
so be your own restrictions

~ Andrew
Bigger isn’t always better, best to know your limits

Expect The Worst

These three texts,
whirring in my pocket,
screaming from my phone,
as I reach in and unlock it,

my mind is racing,
two missed calls,
I’m locked, compressed,
in four thick walls,

I see a ‘sorry’,
worried, scared,
I search for meaning,
thoughts impaired

by blinding frenzy,
panicked fright,
those two sad faces,
Are you all right?

I type with pace,
the one worse case,

building pressure,
blood to simmer,
a boiling, burning,
hopeful glimmer,

Dashed by fears,
And fit to burst,
you’re fine, but I,
expect the worst.

~ Andrew
I seem to worry about reality more than I enjoy it. If something goes slightly off centre, if life throws a curve ball, I’m the one that sits there worrying that the apocalypse has started (well, not quite, but you get the idea).