Social Comedown

Yesterday was great
so good to see you for a bit,
but today’s a little darker
and everything is shit
You see when everything is average
there’s no good or bad around
nothing but mediocrity
no excitement in the sound
There’s no buzz inside my body
there’s no smile on my face
there’s just me and four white walls
and I’m just a waste of space
I can’t summon up the energy
to leave the house alone
but I need a little sunshine
to offset this tragic tone.

~ Andrew


Your good enough just isn’t me

You want someone perfect,
that meets expectation,
with perfect eyes, hair and body,
a perfect creation.

You want to be happy,
and won’t settle for less,
than your darling,
Prince Charming,
not some broken mess,

you won’t pick up the pieces,
of a heart ten times broken,
I’ve spoken about,
all my damn misery,
but your good enough, just isn’t quite me.

You set your bar higher,
I jumped and I fell,
I’ve weathered the storm,
And I’ve stormed across hell,

To find where you’re hiding,
To show you I’m stronger,
but you still aren’t impressed,
I can’t take it much longer.

I’m worthless, I’m waiting,
I’m sick of debating,
if I was sufficient to provide for the needy,
You want far too much,
and you’re just being greedy.

I gave up my heart,
now I’m shattered in two,
but my good enough,
just isn’t quite you.

~ Andrew

I was feeling a bit happier than usual today and still ended up writing a poem about heartbreak, go positivity!! .-. If you enjoyed this you might also enjoy Companion (trying to mix up the ones I suggest).