2 Haiku About Winter

~ Winter Comes
The world has gone cold,
As the snow begins to fall.
Winter makes its mark

~ Racing Winter 
Icy breaths erupt
A sharp pain within my lungs
Running in Winter

~ Andrew
Looking out at the snow got me in the mood for some winter themed Haiku, nothing flashy but I thought I’d put them in a post together since they share the same point of inspiration



New Year New Me (Haiku)

Midnight comes and goes
We make our resolutions
Surrounded by friends

~ Andrew
I don’t subscribe to the thought that New Year is the only time we can redefine ourselves but I always make resolutions as a way of measuring what I hoped to get out of the year. Whether it be graduating from University or becoming more active on my blog, I’m hoping this year I’ll be more productive and kick a few more bad habits.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2018!


Lying in my bed
Unproductive day again
Captive of my pain

~ Andrew
Just a little haiku about being ill, had a headache throughout the day which prevented me from writing anything more substantial. Day 11 of NaPoWriMo


Trust: Haiku

Dare to abuse it,
once broken you cannot mend
the lies and deceit

~ Andrew


WordSmiths (Haiku)

Wonderful Word-smiths
Inspired and insightful
the authors of thought


Silver Linings

They took my sunshine,
and expected overcast
but I saw blue skies

~ Andrew
Always try to make the best of a bad situation, just a little thought today


Debts Repaid (Haiku)

My debt is now paid,
I leave with my pride in tact,
A man of my word.

~ Andrew
A shorter poem because I was ill and didn’t get one done yesterday so there will be two today as I am part way through the poem for E already (I’ve written a few in advance but D was not one of them)