Ten minutes ago I was happy
an hour ago I was not
I swing between moods like a pendulum
as the thoughts in my mind start to rot.

I forget what it was I was doing,
what is was that was bringing me joy
as the love in my heart turns to anger
and I look for a world to destroy.

With a bitterness in every action
I am Misery’s messenger man
but my mood starts to shift in an instant
and I’m trying as hard as I can

but I can’t tell you if I’ll be happy
I can’t tell you if I’ll be fine
one hundred to zero in 3 seconds flat
Like my brain is a faulty design.

~ Andrew
I’ve not shared much here recently but I am still writing occasionally, mostly giving up after a couple of lines though. I’ll be re-writing a few of my older poems in the coming months and sharing them if I feel I’ve made a worthwhile improvement to them.


Describe In Three Words

Three words to describe
some event in my life
be it moments of happiness
or moments of strife

Fear, Anxiety, Panic
My most dominant three
They make up so many firsts
throughout my memory

Joy would be there sometimes
accompanied by friends
or solitude and TV shows
no relationships or trends

See my feelings are erratic
at least the good ones are
there are no three words describing
every smile from afar
or every human interaction
that I hold in high esteem
I need more words for explanations
of exactly what I mean
when I say that I was happy
it is more than just content
it’s an overwhelming feeling
almost like it’s heaven sent.

~ Andrew
I’m a sucker for emotions, I cling on to the happier moments in life because as someone who gets stuck in pits of negativity it’s hard to know when the next burst of happiness will come. My 15th poem of NaPoWriMo

Hypothesised Happiness

By my calculations
these intimate relations,
spark chemical reactions,
leaving nothing but attraction.

In theory,
if theory is to be believed,
then I should be happy.
Have I been deceived?

A kick to the chest,
At best,
leaves me gasping,

Perhaps the root,
of this happiness,
simply dried out,
and withered.

~ Andrew
Ever think you should be happy but you’re just not? It happens, feels like someone just kicked you and all your energy was knocked out of you. I can’t really form coherent thoughts at the moment. Just a weird idea I got onto the page


It’s my life,
but I know you’ll disagree,
you want what’s best for you,
And I want what’s best for me.

I want you to be satisfied,
but that’s just too big a task,
if you’d prefer for me to walk away,
all you need to do is ask.

I realize I’m reckless,
that I’m fragile and I’m shattered,
And now I’ve found,
the only one,
to tell me that I mattered,

and yet I’m still demanding,
still expecting ever more,
disapproving from a distance,
of the boy you knew before.

~ Andrew
A good thing can sometimes change us, sometimes people we care about don’t always agree with why we became happy, be it a relationship, a hobby or just generally a personality trait you develop, the idea is to be happy with the ones who are happy that you are happy (mouthful) and to try not to focus on the people that don’t agree with how you do things, sometimes you’re in the wrong, sometimes they are, it’s a complicated thought to get out because there’s so much to it. I hope you enjoyed it, I’ve decided to stop linking to other poems for the time being. Have a wonderful day 🙂


There is nothing,
Quite like yes,
the stress of waiting,
and anticipating,
culminates in a breath.

Nothing like,
the sweet success,
a single sound,
a subtle yes,

you get your way,
through all the whining
a perfect persuasion,
you’ve lived for refining.

I’ve waited a while,
and I must confess,
that you answer in style,
When you tell me ‘yes’

~ Andrew

It’s always nice to get your way, today everything just seemed to go so well it was unbelievable 😀 To contrast to this, Put on a Smile is a little more serious of a poem, enjoy :p


The last year is over,
the new year is arriving,
Like a splash in the deep end,
all the divers are diving
all the fighters are fighting
the believers, believing,
the liars are lying
the deceivers, deceiving.
Yet every year as it comes
we promise a change
we reorder our lives
and find dates to arrange
a little reunion,
with the ones we respect
the ones we rely on
the ones we protect.
No matter your promise,
stay true to your friends,
and fix all your errors,
till the broken bit mends.

I promise to change,
to improve as a man,
but I’m still the same person
as when the last year began


Happy new year everyone. Just because the new year has started doesn’t mean you must reinvent yourself. If you just stay true to who you promised you’d become I know you’ll be fine, good luck in 2015 with whatever goals you may pursue.

Happy New Year

Hope you stayed safe,
And didn’t drink to excess,
Pray for a fresh start,
Pray for success
You’ll find an answer,
Not too far away,
Even if last year
Was just yesterday.
Years change quite often,
Every three sixty five,
After all it’s a new start
Rejoice, feel alive

Backstory – not really back, more, looking forward to the new year 🙂 Hope you all made a reasonable resolution. And if you hadn’t noticed already I suggest you read the first letter of each line ^.^ Yes, I did put some thought in there haha.