Chores for Charity

and slow
But volunteer help
and how quickly they’ll go.

Simply doing a job
doesn’t have to feel taxing

do your jobs with a smile
and you’ll soon be relaxing.

As I’ve grown up
I’ve noticed, for every good deed you do
you can accomplish a task
that may benefit you

I believe acts can be selfless
but if you need motivation
offering help round the house
is a decent foundation

from which you can build
into compassion and tenderness,
charity too
It may start with a chore
but the good comes from you.

~ Andrew
As a kid I didn’t like jobs. I thought that was what adults did but having lived away from home with my own responsibilities I’ve realised what a huge difference a little bit of effort can make. This is my 13th post in the month of April for NaPoWriMo,


Manifested Loneliness

Everyone has them,
empty moments.
Seconds trapped in the abyss,
a manifested nothingness.

Just like that
I am alone.
I know the feeling all too well,
I can’t escape this living hell.

These moments
can be torturous.
They tie me, gag me,
through hell they drag me.

It’s over.
I’m free.
For a second I was scared,
I was alone and unprepared.

Another one,
I know it’s coming.
I close my eyes and count to ten
and wait for lonely thoughts again.

~ Andrew

Poetic Polish

I wanted to be a little different today,
be a little more useful to you.
I’ve been mulling over the words I could say,
to help you with poetry too.
There’s a pattern to lines, that is hard to replace,
it’s the way that it sounds in your head.
But inside your mind, I’m sure you will find,
a different pace to the one when it’s read.
So here in this segment, I aim to improve,
the skills of all writers around,
I too am beginning to find myself grinning,
whilst hearing the way that it sounds.
I’m reading it back and the lines sound fragmented,
they don’t sound quite right you might see,
but read it twelve times, pace yourself by the rhymes
and you’ll help set the true rhythm free.
A good poem follows a writers desires,
and tires for nothing but dots.
A stop in the line, can be simply divine,
if the poet is calling the shots.
So control your emotions, and follow your heart,
and filter it onto the page,
the funnel of thought of the rhythm you brought,
is a monologue taking the stage.
It’s time to express every thought that you stress,
when you lie in your bed in the night,
confront all your fears and resist drying tears,
you’re a poet, it’s time to ignite.
The message I’m sending, as I come to an ending,
is don’t keep your thoughts in your head.
Put pen to the sheet and you’ll find you complete,
the message that hides in your dread.
In short I am saying, use weakness for strength,
and use strength as a will to combine,
the words in a mess with the thoughts that will bless,
the poetic pertain of a line.

~ Andrew
A new type of poem, one that basically says. ‘Write poetry when your mind is full of thoughts.’ I’ll admit one of the best parts about writing poetry for me is learning new words. I had no idea what pertain meant before writing this poem. I’d heard it used and had a vague idea but it was essential to the feel of the final line that I used it over the word ‘touch’ which was a metaphor I dropped in favour of a more suitable rhythm.
I’m not saying your should rhyme in all poems but for me I find my poetry more enjoyable when I put rhymes in because it gives me a rhythm to build on (I’m not musically gifted so this is the closest I can get to musical rhythms).