Productivity: Zero

I’ve reached productivity: zero,
it’s the lowest a student can go
the sun starts the day
and by night I can say
that I truly have nothing to show

Tomorrow I swear will be better
I’ll get work done I know that I can
but come evening once more
I’ll just glance at the floor
Guess my coursework did not go to plan

~ Andrew
Amidst trying times on slow internet I present a poem bemoaning my awful rate of productivity during the holidays. Day 13 of NaPoWriMo I hope you enjoyed 🙂


Find The Way

When I started
I could not see
the barriers in front of me.
As I took my first steps
into my creation,
obstacles came and destroyed motivation
but friends were my crutch
as I fought my way through
and the goal I was reaching for
came into view
Despite all my doubters,
all the things they would say
I knew in my heart
that I would find the way.

~ Andrew
The video attached is by a Youtube creator that has given me a lot to think about (in a good way). I love his stuff and I figured I’d start sharing the things that inspire me to write my poems.

The Art Of Being Alone

If I mastered the art
of being alone
I could pick up new skills
without being shown.
I could undertake projects
that require just one
I’d be proud when  I finish
of the work that I’ve done.

If I mastered the art
of self-motivation
I’d achieve all my goals
and resist all temptation.
I would write every day,
get 8 hours of sleep
overcome any hurdle,
there’s no mountain too steep.

If I mastered the art
of accepting my place,
I could take off this mask
that I wear on my face.
I would show them my weakness
so they can see when I’m strong.
I could say without doubt
this is where I belong.

~ Andrew
Often I find myself contemplating what I’m doing with my life. University has me drained day after day and poetry is my escape. I’m going to be trying to at least write once a week and then build myself up to do creative writing as a more regular hobby.

What Is Your Goal?

A question
I ask
as I step
from my bed.
But I can’t
quite describe
what goes on
in my head.
I am working
to something
but ache
takes its toll
I have yet
to find answers
for what
is my goal?

I will broaden horizons
and make people think
and come up with connections
and find missing links

I will strive to become
the best version of me
and I’ll make every effort
so we all can agree

that a purpose, a path,
is the sat-nav of living
it will give you directions
if you’re kind
and forgiving

the directions it gives,
will make each of us whole
if we all fit together
we will all reach our goal.

~ Andrew
Hope you enjoyed this poem, I’ll be trying to write some more upbeat and motivational poetry although I’ll still be trying to provoke thoughts 🙂


Fuel to my fire
ignite my ambition,
I shoot for the stars,
with my dream ammunition.

I am driven to win,
I steer clear of distractions,
my tank has the power
to reach satisfaction.

I’m energy’s master.
I’ve got boundless desire,
my skin may be thick
but my dreams will transpire

they’ll rise to the surface
giving extra protection,
it’s a dangerous path
on the road to perfection.

But I’ve got motivation
and I know I’ll succeed,
because being a dreamer,
is all that I need.

~ Andrew
Poetry well is a bit dry recently, I’m struggling to write at the moment and it’s really frustrating. Trying to write about success and motivation but I really lack the conviction and belief at the moment.

Today I

Today I found diamonds,
in the darkest of caves.
Today I was surfing
the most beautiful waves.
Today I was riding
with the wind in my face
today I was dancing
with style and grace.

Today I was fighting
my lungs sore from screaming,
today I found purpose
today I was dreaming.

~ Andrew
Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Kinda inspired by the Shia LaBeouf motivational speech (hence the song embedded in this post).

Hit Me While I’m Down

I love it when you kick me,
while I’m lying on the floor,
it’s as if my endless torture,
is a sign begging for more.

You kill me with your venom,
you inject it through my veins,
I’m growing tired of your lying
but I guess it’s growing pains.

I’m accustomed to a bullet,
or a fist upon my face,
I’m quite happy to take punches,
while you slowly fall from grace

but I guess I’m getting tired,
so I’m heading out of town
I love the way you hit me,
the way you hit me
when I’m down.

~ Andrew
Some people continue to scratch away at you while you’re beaten and bruised. You’re better than them, believe me you are. Stay positive 🙂 Not saying you should enjoy being beaten up though, just to clarify