Describe In Three Words

Three words to describe
some event in my life
be it moments of happiness
or moments of strife

Fear, Anxiety, Panic
My most dominant three
They make up so many firsts
throughout my memory

Joy would be there sometimes
accompanied by friends
or solitude and TV shows
no relationships or trends

See my feelings are erratic
at least the good ones are
there are no three words describing
every smile from afar
or every human interaction
that I hold in high esteem
I need more words for explanations
of exactly what I mean
when I say that I was happy
it is more than just content
it’s an overwhelming feeling
almost like it’s heaven sent.

~ Andrew
I’m a sucker for emotions, I cling on to the happier moments in life because as someone who gets stuck in pits of negativity it’s hard to know when the next burst of happiness will come. My 15th poem of NaPoWriMo


Shades of Sadness

Shades of grey,
and pure dismay
at all the brutal madness,
I wear my shades,
as joy invades,
to battle off my sadness.

I try to hide the crying,
I try to crack a smile,
I crack a mirror trying,
I hide away a while.

I give my eyes,
A smooth disguise,
as though it’s sunny in my mind,
But deep inside,
I’ve lost my pride,
my sorrow is refined.
My tears are smooth and sanded down,
I’ve been practising at night,
I squint in fear,
as sorrow’s tear
reflects the morning light.

I wear these glasses,
tinted grey,
time slowly passes,
though I stay,
forever trapped
behind a curtain,
sadness, sorrow,
solemn, certain.

~ Andrew
I wear sunglasses a lot.. I guess I just figured out why I wear them sometimes. 50 Shades of Grey came out yesterday so I decided to use the word Shades as it’s topical. More sad poetry: Whisper , Gone but not FrogottenĀ 

Gone but not Frogotten

To us his name was Freddo,
to you his name is frog,
and though he might be speckled
he did not sit on a log.

He didn’t jump into the pool,
he froze in it instead,
and now my buddy Freddo,
lies in frozen waters, dead.

A friend to all who knew him,
no one ever called him rotten,
my childhood, did all he could,
he’s gone but not frogotten.

~ Andrew
Funny and sad story about our childhood, we had a frog who lived and hopped around our garden, one morning we went out to see him and it was ice cold and he’d frozen in a bucket of water šŸ˜¦ It was funny that we named him but it was kinda sad to lose him because the garden wasn’t actually very interesting and it gave us a reason to go out there.