A Mind Forever Anxious

Waking, shaking,
sweat dripping down.
Vision is blurred
as I come to my senses.

Muscles tight
and breathing hard,
my body puts up
its defences.

The dark in my room
is an ominous sign
as I fumble
to turn on the light

as the dark disappears
and my busy mind clears,
I am calm
with the bulb burning bright.

~ Andrew
I was going to go for a simple title like Nightmare (already done one of those) but I felt I could get a bit more ambitious with my titles and maybe give a little meaning to them as I’ve often held back in this regard.



A hundred names are on my mind
as I’m lying in my bed
and I give them my attention
but I’d rather sleep instead

I’m awake and yet I’m dreaming
I bring echoes of the past
but like every fading echo
they will dissipate too fast

I am sick of lying here
without rest without release
let me fall into my slumber
give me comfort give me peace

~ Andrew
I have a fair amount of trouble sleeping. Some days I fall asleep out of nowhere, often when I don’t intend to (I have to be lying down for it to happen but it can be frustrating)

My Mind’s Creation

Every night.
You. Me.
Be it stations or concerts
my mind is set free.
You put me through hell
give me nightmares and pain
but you’re just a creation
of my unconscious brain.

You have familiar faces
and familiar sounds,
with familiar smells
or familiar grounds.
You’re not quite the same
though you’ve tricked me before
I’ll wake up in a moment,
take control back once more.

~ Andrew
My 16th poem of NaPoWriMo. This one focused around my dreams, particularly the more immersive ones (that sometimes carry through into the first few moments after I’m awake – I can often lie down again, close my eyes and see what would have happened next

Sleep Is For The Week

Monday evening,
getting dark
but you’re still drunk,
locked in the park

Tuesday morning,
still awake,
waiting for the day to break

Wednesday noon,
the sun is shining,
bed sheets clean
and mind declining

Thursday dawn,
Each sleepless night,
a caffeine junkie
‘I’m Alright’.

Friday, late,
you’re at the bar,
a miracle
you got this far

Through the night
to Saturday,
your aching bones
and limbs will sway

And finally
the day of rest
you’ve made it through
you are the best
a round of applause
clap clap,
clap clap,
put life on pause
and take a nap.

~ Andrew
Some people just don’t seem to sleep.. this is how I imagine their week goes

Dreaming: Breathe

it’ll be over soon,
sunrise beckons,
seconds from day break.

For sleep’s sake,
happy endings
can only last so long,
the rhythm
of Spring song,
birds and the breeze.

that soft,
yellow gleam,
golden stream
in the window,
I’ll wake up
and wonder,
was it all just a dream?

~ Andrew
Not sure what to say, I like Inception and the dream/reality thing hits home with me, I’m sorry this isn’t my finest piece, I didn’t get the time I wanted to on it but I hope the message still comes through

The World Among The Waking

Tense bones,
Ease into the day,
like a foot into socks,

My stiff neck cricks,
and clicks into place
ready to carry my head
another day.

The numbing anaesthetic
of a glorious night’s sleep,
is heaven in the making,
I fall into reality,
the world, among the waking.

~ Andrew
How waking up feels to me, I don’t need much sleep but I can lie awake in bed for an hour after waking up because I’m very lazy sometimes. Today I’d like to recommend Intim(id)ate which was my first poem this year, I hope you enjoy it ­čÖé


Is it still a night-mare,
which plagues my days?
Infecting my imperfect mind
destroying me in ways,
that I could not imagine.
Ways my mind could not conceive,
a single thought, brought to the surface,
I’ve seen, and I believe.

My pounding heart,
alarm clock pulse,
that wakes me from my slumber,
the creaking floor,
The howling wind,
The air of hate and thunder.

I’ve woken many times to find,
I’m still inside my bed,
But deep within,
I understand,
I’m trapped inside┬ámy head.

The let downs that remind me,
of why I’m all alone,
the ones I turned my back to,
when my heart had turned to stone,
the eyes that haunt me,
taunt my dreams,
The tear soaked faces
running streams,
the scrambling sensation,
my body in the air,
the impact on the pavement,
but I’m empty, I don’t care.

~ Andrew
I’ve wanted to address fear for a long time in my poetry and I never feel I’m able to capture the fear I feel so this is as close as I can get. This might be a little dark but I’ve been having nightmares about the things that have gone wrong in my life in the past so I wanted to at least write down what happened and then this came from it.
The whole body in the air thing comes from my fear of green cars (I was hit by one, it’s perfectly rational) so I would like to share Pessimists and Pedestrians with you if you haven’t already read it.
This has to be one of the darkest poems I’ve written for some time, what a way to come off a week of positives eh? :p