Social Comedown

Yesterday was great
so good to see you for a bit,
but today’s a little darker
and everything is shit
You see when everything is average
there’s no good or bad around
nothing but mediocrity
no excitement in the sound
There’s no buzz inside my body
there’s no smile on my face
there’s just me and four white walls
and I’m just a waste of space
I can’t summon up the energy
to leave the house alone
but I need a little sunshine
to offset this tragic tone.

~ Andrew


Social Unity

They say I’m too ambitious,
but some day we’ll manage unity,
a world of social harmony,
and equal opportunity

a world with no harassment,
a world that’s safe for all
a world of friendly strangers
who can catch you when you fall

a world of understanding,
no gaps in generation,
with a functioning society,
good health and education

a world without corruption,
those in power do their part,
a world without destruction,
is the world I’d like to start.

~ Andrew
It may be a long way off but there are so many things that need to changed in the world and it’s nice to think that perhaps people might start to help each other and live at peace with others.


Before we begin
I have already written a best-seller
Things that could go wrong tonight.

I wrote chapters in advance
preoccupied with the chance
that I might speak out of turn
and learn what it means
to make a first time the last time

My mind was divided
when it came to the conclusion
and in my confusion
I wrote ‘to be continued’
though I do not expect to write a sequel.

Perhaps I could write
how it all went to shit,
from the candle lit dinner
to the bottomless pit
of despair that I enter
as a nervous presenter
when she asks me what I’m like.

Then words become mazes,
and I’m lost in the abyss,
and she stands and says goodbye
but without a goodbye kiss
because I’m thinking of the things
I never said and never did.
The rules my mind created
and the things that they forbid

And perhaps I’ll write a sequel,
Call it ‘screw ups, volume two’
and I’ll write about the stupid things
that I’m about to do.

~ Andrew
If you’ve ever had anxiety in some form you’ll know what it means to be terrified of the consequences of every action you make from day to day. I hope this helps to highlight the impact of anxiety on the minds of those who suffer from it


Just because the world,
is a wireless connection,
doesn’t mean you disconnect,
and defocus your attention.

You are human like we all are,
we still haven’t turned the tables,
we’re all living things,
yet still we bring
connection in our cables.

The cables that unite us,
as change stares us in the face,
don’t lose the ones you care for,
your sincerely,
Human race,

we must stick together closely,
just as magnets need attraction,
you cannot live a life,
without social interaction.

~ Andrew
This actually comes from a string of poems I seem to have written about being connected, there’s still an issue today whereby people do not go outside and do not ‘Look Up’

Whilst this piece of spoken word is an extreme example (I don’t think we should drop all connections because there are many benefits of a connected world) it does give the message that we shouldn’t be stuck to our computers 24/7 (In my case, I spend a lot of time on mine because I just can’t afford to go out and see friends most of the time). I hope you enjoyed this :3 And the poem by Gary Turk too

Socially Awkward

Yes. I am aware,
that I watch you from a distance
just to drop an awkward stare.
To awkwardly announce to you,
whilst awkwardly awaiting,
that introverted awkward greeting,
and yet I’m still debating,
The awkward way to awkwardly,
string sentences together,
I’m socially inadequate,
stuck in awkwardness forever.
Where awkward me
fits awkwardly,
like a puzzle, incomplete,
a missing word,
perhaps unheard,
I’m awkward nice to meet…

~ Andrew
So this is me in real life .-. Someone asked and I delivered. I guess it kinda goes with ‘Dear Confidence‘ in the whole self exploration idea

Social Outcast

I look like I have been awash,
swept away, with misery.
Exiled from my land of birth,
to drift away on stormy sea.
I feel as though my soul has burned,
like the fires of hell burn free,
rising pressure, getting warmer,
a flaming urge inside of me.
I feel as though the wind is blowing,
through the leaves and through the trees,
I don’t hear the sound of urbans lands,
screaming, crying, sad cities.
I don’t expect to be accepted,
I don’t expect you to agree,
I am myself, my one and only,
I have my freedom, liberty.

Backstory – A feeling of not being accepted into society is something I feel myself. Arguably we all do, in some way. I would count myself lucky that I’m able to express my feelings though, most people don’t. I have a couple of other freedom based poems.