Describe In Three Words

Three words to describe
some event in my life
be it moments of happiness
or moments of strife

Fear, Anxiety, Panic
My most dominant three
They make up so many firsts
throughout my memory

Joy would be there sometimes
accompanied by friends
or solitude and TV shows
no relationships or trends

See my feelings are erratic
at least the good ones are
there are no three words describing
every smile from afar
or every human interaction
that I hold in high esteem
I need more words for explanations
of exactly what I mean
when I say that I was happy
it is more than just content
it’s an overwhelming feeling
almost like it’s heaven sent.

~ Andrew
I’m a sucker for emotions, I cling on to the happier moments in life because as someone who gets stuck in pits of negativity it’s hard to know when the next burst of happiness will come. My 15th poem of NaPoWriMo


Message (NPD 2016)

There are so many words,
that have never been said.
A thought cast aside,
to the back of your head.

A goodbye never spoken,
an ‘I love you’ unheard,
a ‘take care’ as you’re leaving
it’s rather absurd.

Your message is better
where the whole world can hear it
if you have something to say
there is no reason to fear it.

If we all raise our voices
fix what matters to you
but be kind with your words
for they can break people too

~ Andrew
I’ve been inactive on here a lot and honestly it’s because I haven’t found a reason to write recently. I wrote something for National Poetry Day though and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I guess this reflects my feelings towards my unfinished poems, so many thoughts I’ve just never shared because I didn’t think they mattered.

Words At War

They are fighting on the page,
do you see? Do you see?
It’s a war between the words
as they fight to be set free.

I am fighting with the page,
I write words, it makes them suck.
I am running out of patience
I am running out of luck.

I’d be happy with a sentence
just one line and nothing more.
It’s a fight to finish writing
when you have the words at war.

~ Andrew
I really can’t remember how many poems I’ve written about writer’s block. I just need to get something on the page. I’ve been doing a lot of writing but either scrapped it or not finished it. I’ll try to be a bit more active on here in the coming weeks though

Reinforced Lies

I questioned it
because I did not believe
and I was right to be doubtful,
for you chose to deceive

You gave words away carelessly,
I gave honest replies,
but my trust fortified
all those reinforced lies

~ Andrew
It’s hard to know when someone is lying but honestly it hurts to find out how meaningless the words they said were