Portrait of You

I’ll paint a picture with words
of all the kind things
that I’ve known growing up
through the people it brings

You were the youngest
and purest of heart
you gave me your friendship
you were there at the start

You were there
on the first day of change
you put up with me
even though I was strange

You are my best friend
my comrade, my brother
you’ve been through it all
and I would not choose another

You were theĀ first one
I met from the net
you just wanted to talk
you’re as good as they get

You came much later
you were always a laugh
I owe you a lot
you’re a friend and a half

You were the same
you came along in a pair
you were a bit older
but I’m glad you were there

Since you and you
and the you after that
I’ve met many more ‘yous’
that have sat where you’ve sat

But through all the changes
the good times remain
you’ve made my life brighter
you’ve kept my mind sane

~ Andrew
The thing that means the most to me in life has to be the friends I have made along the way that have helped me through everything, this is somewhat of an ode to ‘you’ which refers to anyone I considered a friend although those I name are those who have a particular significance to me prior to my days at university (where I have met a ton of new faces and it would be impossible to describe how much it has shaped me). Day 12 of NaPoWriMo